Ismail Royer returns back on the show to tell us about his time incarcerated in some of the most notorious prisons in the United States.

0:00 – 38:00: charges, gameplan, sentencing

38:00 – 60:00: solitary, marital strains

61:00 –  75:00: prison racial dynamics

75:00 –  90:00: the alliance and revolt

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3 comments on “EP 085: Into the Void: Into the Void: The American Jihadi in Prison | Ismail Royer (Part 1)

  1. Ohhh cliffhanger…when is part 2?

  2. Arsh Islam Oct 24, 2017

    I must say that the way part 1 was closed was pretty classy. Reflecting podcast skills! Waiting for the second part. May Allah accept the work you people do. Ameen.

  3. Fatima Oct 29, 2017

    Barakallah feek. Great show! This was what I was expecting to hear the last time brother Ismail was on. Can’t wait to hear part 2.

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