On this week’s episode, we talk to Bassam Zawadi who is known for his writings, debates, and lectures on answering some of the toughest questions regarding the Islamic belief to Muslims.

Hosts: Mahin, Sh. Amir  and SIM



List of Bassam Zawadi’s Refutations and Rebuttals

How to Debate for Muslims by Bassam Zawadi (must listen)


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2 comments on “EP 096: A Question of Heaven: The Apologetics | Bassam Zawadi

  1. waqas malik Jan 29, 2018

    The concept of forever burning in hell for limited sins, here is how I think about it.
    the burning in hell forever is balanced by Allah by giving us Jannah which is bliss forever. Why don’t people have a problem with getting unlimited fun in Jannah for even more limited good deeds? Both balances each other. Also, the concept of reward and punishment is for a human being to motivate us to act. So imagine if the most punishment in hell is limited, people will never be fearful of it as much as they are of forever burning and we can see this idea working by seeing how troublesome this burning forever idea is. If this is really that bad then why not act good and save ourselves from it. Also, this tells us that, why is this such a huge punishment, surely it must be of the most important as to make us think act so we save ourselves from it. the bigger the phenomenon is the bigger the motivator is.

  2. Mariam A. Feb 9, 2018

    Someone mentioned Faisal Malik. I know him! I did not like him, nor that book….not good, and some of it does not represent the Islam I grew up with for the most part. Looks like I’m not the only one

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