Mahin, SIM and Sh. Amir talk to Birmingham’s finest, Mufti Abu Layth Al-Maliki.  We talk about the Mamluks, liberal interpretation of Islam and the nature of discourse with Atheism and the scientific community.


01:00 – Why the kunya ‘Abu Layth’?

02:20 – ‘Mad Mamluks’ & the Mongol history

12:50 – Muslim communities in Birmingham, UK & the U.S

29:00 – Feminism

34:10 – Islam & liberalism

50:45 – Zabiha meat in the West

56:00 – Institutionalisation of Religion & regulating the image of Islam

59:00 – Regarding ‘Monday Nights with Mufti’ on FB live & an impersonation of Mufti Abu Layth

1:04:20 – Promoting health/fitness & positive role models for Muslims

1:17:30 – Scholars, censorship & control

1:25:50 – Islam, Science & some out-dated arguments

1:30:30 – Challenges of this age- Science, Ethics & Atheism

1:49:00 – What central themes from the Quran should we promote?

1:52:30 – Quran & free will

1:56: 05 – Narratives of Islam & presenting Religion today

1:59:30 – Dealing with modern issues

2:03:30 – “Swearing” & cultural sensitivities





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One comment on “EP 061: From the Cosmos to the Quantum | Mufti Abu Layth Al Maliki

  1. I am from Birmingham U.K. surprised to see him on one of your episodes. I think you should do a back ground check on individuals you invite on your show. Mufti Abu Layths real name is “Nahiem Ajmal” atleast do a quick google search.

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