Mahin, SIM and Mort talk to the Khateeb of Masjid al Faatir, Omar Muhammad.   Masjid Al-Faatir was founded by the late Muhammad Ali and Jabir Herbert Muhammad (may Allah preserve them).  Khateeb Omar is the grandson of Elijah Muhammad and the nephew of Warith Deen Muhammad.  We start the discussion off with the beginnings of the Nation of Islam and the Black Sunni Muslims of America.  Later, we discuss the current socio-political climate of Black Muslims, Black Lives Matter movement and how Muhammad Ali helped build Masjid Al-Faatir.

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One comment on “EP 065: The Black Muslims | Omar Muhammad

  1. Raheel May 24, 2017

    MashaAllah great podcast. I tried to click on the contact page of the masjid’s site, but it says page not found:

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