We are a collective of individuals whose objective is to promote a balanced intellectual and spiritual understanding of Islam. Among our concerns is to address the struggles of young Muslims in modern society and provide them with the tools necessary to move forward in their relationship with Islam. We want young Muslims to be confident and empowered rather than being constantly on the defensive.

Our guests are people from a wide variety of backgrounds. We’re having on Comedians, Artists, MMA athletes, Islamic Scholars (of all backgrounds), Humanitarian Aid Workers, Muslim Women challenging the status quo etc. all scheduled to come on our show and talk a little about themselves and learn more about our message.

Often times we hear a speaker or lecturer telling us all the things wrong with the world and we’re left asking ourselves, “Well, what can we do about it?” We want to show real life Muslims from communities around the world sharing their stories, experiences and making the world a better place to live.

Some people have been asking: What’s up with the name? Who are the Mamluks and why are you Mad?

To make a long story short, the Mamluks were Egyptian slaves who came to the rescue of the Muslim world after it’s near annihilation by the Mongol armies of the East. Now, we’re not pretentious enough to think we’re going to rescue the world. However, we want to be part of an overall rescue that is taking place by interesting people like our guests.

No, we’re not mad, we’re quite the opposite, we want Islam presented in a thoughtful and rational manner. Mad just sounded cool.


Team Members:

Imran Muneer (SIM)
Mahin Islam
Shaykh Amir Mohammed Saeed*
Summer Zehra
Murtaza Siddiqui (Mort)
Naureen Ahmed
Omer Zaman (OZ)
Yousuf Azhar
Amir Budhwani

*Shaykh Amir has studied in Mauritania under world-renowned scholars such as Shaykh Mohammad Al-Hassan Al-Didu Al-Shanqiti. He has also studied in India and later graduated from Al-Azher University in Egypt.

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