What the *bleep* is a Mamluk? To make a long story short, the Mamluks were Turkic slaves that originally came to power in India but are more known for the Egyptian faction that rescued the Muslim world from the Mongol armies of the East. While we’re not pretentious enough to think we alone will rescue the world, we hope you join us in building a community of sensible people who are interested in building a conversation around issues that affect all of us.

We started in 2016 originally as a Podcast featuring talent local to the Chicago area.  We have since grown into a weekly variety act that focuses on faith, politics, social issues, current news, random ideas, or anything else we want to vent about.

Two years and over half a million downloads later, we joined forces with  MuslimMatters Inc. to provide more content.  We have also teamed up with Boys in the Cave Podcast based out Australia.  And if that wasn’t enough, we had a crazy idea to do our Podcasts Live, so we built a new Studio for  YouTube Live Streaming of our Podcasts.  So now you can point and laugh at us when we mess up!

We enjoy hearing from you and read every message, but please forgive us if we don’t respond back quickly.  Our team has regular jobs just like you and we’re working hard to provide you with more content.

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Team Members:

Imran Muneer (SIM)
Mahin Islam
Shaykh Amir Mohammed Saeed*
Summer Zehra
Murtaza Siddiqui (Mort)
Naureen Ahmed
Omer Zaman (OZ)
Yousuf Azhar
Amir Budhwani

*Shaykh Amir has studied in Mauritania under world-renowned scholars such as Shaykh Mohammad Al-Hassan Al-Didu Al-Shanqiti. He has also studied in India and later graduated from Al-Azher University in Egypt.

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