Mahin, Sh. Amir and SIM talk with Joe Bradford about a multitude of issues such as American Fiqh, Home Financing, Madhabs, Music, Halal Meat, White Converts, Islamic wills.

Joe Bradford is an American scholar of Islam, Author, instructor, entrepreneur, and ethical investments advisor.

He regularly lectures on topics such as Islamic law, legal theory, financial ethics, and thought.

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His books:

Simple Zakat Guide

Qaddumi’s Elementary Hanbali Primer

A Primer on Jumu’ah

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2 comments on “EP 034: Dynamics of Islamic Law and Learning | Joe Bradford

  1. Irfan Shahid Oct 6, 2016

    Salaam wa Laikum
    I thought the most Beautiful part of this podcast was when the Brother SIM asked Sheikh Joe about the existence of an American Fiqh. Sheikh Joe replied in paraphrase that a Scholar in Alaska could not relate to a Muslim community in Texas. In concept this idea of limiting usul ul fiqh to demographics based on National Identities is unfounded in Islam and inherently opposed to the spirit and objectives of ISLAM.

  2. Aslam Dec 31, 2017

    Fiqhal-Aqalliyat is nothing but usoolul fiqh applied to the social condition where people are in necessities (daroorat) or collective need (hajaat).

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