EP 084: On a Wing and a Prayer | Omer Mozaffar

Omer Mozaffar sits down in The Mad Mamluks studio for an exclusive conversation to break down what transpired in the ongoing predatory abuse saga and responds to allegations against him.


Shaykh Amir Saeed


Mahin Islam


Omer Mozaffar is the Muslim Chaplain at Loyola University. He addresses theological, personal, social matters for students of all sectarian outlooks. During the school year, he also runs classes on Scripture, Student Life, and other matters.

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Worry about your own life and your own mistakes and leave Br. Nouman alone. NUFF SAID!

@Amani – YES! ☹️ For all have sinned & fallen short of Allah’s glory

Mad Mamluks what are you doing? Stop talking about this please. I like your shows but this is getting really silly now.

This episode has truly left a bad taste in my mouth. Love the mad mamluks, but this was an hour and 53 minutes of complete waste. Oh and I still don’t like this Omer dude.

Thank you for doing this – it was long overdue. I’m so glad to hear his perspective first-hand, it helped put my mind to some rest over the matter.

I’m also sorry (though not surprised) to see other commentors here who appear to be verging on idol-worship rather than being truth-seekers about this.

We need to get our priorities straight, the survival and growth of our community depends on it.

Omar, please stop hurting Islam to gain reputation at the cost of others. In my humble opinion, you are the root cause of all harms. So please stop disgracing others. Allah will disgrace you some day as well.

What a sad state of affairs us muslims find ourselves in. I cannot believe this is what our scholarship has devolved to. May Allah guide the Mad Mamluks, Omar Muzaffar and Nauman Ali Khan as well as Omar Suleyman and Yasir Qadhi and every scholar involved in this sad affair. There are no good guys here.

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