EP 085: Into the Void: Into the Void: The American Jihadi in Prison | Ismail Royer (Part 1)

Ismail Royer returns back on the show to tell us about his time incarcerated in some of the most notorious prisons in the United States.

0:00 – 38:00: charges, gameplan, sentencing

38:00 – 60:00: solitary, marital strains

61:00 –  75:00: prison racial dynamics

75:00 –  90:00: the alliance and revolt

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Website: https://agoodtree.net
Twitter: @_IsmailRoyer


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Ohhh cliffhanger…when is part 2?

I must say that the way part 1 was closed was pretty classy. Reflecting podcast skills! Waiting for the second part. May Allah accept the work you people do. Ameen.

Barakallah feek. Great show! This was what I was expecting to hear the last time brother Ismail was on. Can’t wait to hear part 2.

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