EP 090: Love will Tear us Apart: Polygamy and Infidelity | Nuriddeen Knight


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We talk to Ustadha Nuriddeen Knight from By The Fig and The Olive Blog about secret marriages, polygamy and the #metoo movement.

Hosts: Mahin, SIM and Summer

Nuriddeen Knight completed an MA in psychology with a focus on child and family from Columbia University. Alongside her academic degree, she studied traditional Islamic knowledge including Islamic law, theology, spirituality and prophetic biography with local scholars and in the majalis in Amman, Jordan.

In 2015 she created Nooralshadhili.com, a holistic initiative focused on human development through education, research, and counseling.

Her written work has been featured in thepublicdiscourse.commvslim.com,altmuslimah.com and thedemureist.com. She compiled a collection of 40 sayings from the prophet Muhammad’s life through the narration of his wife Aisha and is currently working on its second edition.

In 2013 she gave a lecture entitled ‘A middle ground: An Islamic and Psychological Perspective on the Divided Self’, combining Islamic wisdom and psychoanalytical theory. In 2014 she taught the New Muslims Program and Perfecting the Prayer classes for new Muslims in the M.E.C.C.A. center. In the summer of 2015 she conducted a class on traditional Islamic theology in Masjid At-Taqwa in Brooklyn, NY. And most recently gave an online lecture for Rabata.org concerning marital conflict.

She currently resides in Fez, Morocco with her husband Ustadh Abu Bakr and NYC.

Contact: M.me/Knight.Nuriddeen


Twitter: @FigandOliveBlog


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6 comments on EP 090: Love will Tear us Apart: Polygamy and Infidelity | Nuriddeen Knight

  1. Shaka says:

    You guys get great guests… If only the hosts would talk less and actually let the guests speak.

  2. Monique says:

    Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatuulahi wa barakatu.

    This podcast has inspired me! I want to write an article on “How to Show Love to Your Spouse” or “How to Communicate Lovingly With Your Spouse”

    I would find it interesting to talk to people within the community that have married reverts with a western background. Do they find that the communication and affection is different than they might have expected had they married someone from their community or from their own family? I would imagine that it is to some extent.

  3. Nabeelah says:

    Asalaamu Alaikum. I really enjoyed this podcast. It was informative and enlightening. It was refreshing to hear the perspective of the women and men in how to improve interpersonal relatiomships and intrapersonal conversations of both genders. May Allah grant you all success. Aameen

  4. Asiya says:

    Assalamu alaikum,
    it’s my first time listening to your podcast, I enjoyed it very much.
    However, I would have like to have the chance to listen more to the guest since I believed with her level of knowledge she could have contributed and shed more light to the discussion. At moments I though she wasn’t even there anymore. Perhaps, next podcast could be with only her and one of you or you could make the podcast longer to have a chance to listen to everyone in shaa Allah for equal time. Aside from that, I really liked it.

  5. Alizah Ali says:

    I was hoping to hear from a person with psychology background on this issue if polygamy. As well as it’s larger impact on families and children.
    Sadly, she hardly got a chance to speak as the three hosts just took over.
    It was like listening to the hosts chatting over coffee. There were some good points but honestly with this sort of format why do you bring on any experts?

    1. SIM says:

      Relax. Take a deep breath…

      She’ll be back on the show.

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