EP 102: Reprise Revive: Islamic Statecraft | Round Table Discussion

SIM and Ismail talk to Twitter commentators on the revival of Islamic statecraft.


AQ: Formerly Oxford, now Cambridge grad student. Mostly focused on philosophy and Islamic theology


Dimashqee: Student of politics and history.


Hossam Gamea studied Psychology at Hunter College, has been involved with several political grassroots efforts, including Criminal Justice reform, anti-government surveillance, anti-racist, anti-war, and Pro-Palestine efforts, and is a co-founder of an organization known as IMJ (Islamic Movement for Justice), which is dedicated to reviving political Islam within the Muslim American consciousness.


Haris is a Grad student at Oxford, did undergrad at U of T, interests in international relations, Islamic finance, and Ottoman history.



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Salam great discussion, however I take issue with knocking on Islamic movements without providing real alternatives on the ground. It’s easy to discuss theory at a prestigious university but to have real actions on the ground is a whole different issue. Also in my studies of movements I never learned that the state concept should just be swallowed. Rather in being pragmatic one has to recognize the way the system works and make influence and change with it. This may be similar to how prophet peace be upon him used the system of tribal protection in order to maintain his rights and ability to continue his preaching and efforts.

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