EP 126: Don’t Fear the Reaper: The Muslim Exorcist | Abu Mujahid


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The guys sit down with Abu Mujahid who’s daily occupation is as a Raqi (Exorcist). We talk about the world of The Jinn, evil eye and possessions.

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13 comments on EP 126: Don’t Fear the Reaper: The Muslim Exorcist | Abu Mujahid

  1. Najam says:

    The link to episode 126 is missing in the Episodes page (goes to episode 125 talk)
    Please fix/

    Jazakallah khair

    1. The Mad Mamluks says:

      Our Site is under construction: please visit themadmamluks.libsyn.com for all the episodes or you can also visit our YouTube page youtube.com/themadmamluks

  2. Dawood Ahmad says:

    How do I get in touch with sheikh Abu mujahid… I would like to see him

    1. mike says:

      call him on 630 709 5382

      1. sp says:

        What is the country code?

    2. Taskeen Khan says:

      Can I have his email address?

  3. Asiya says:

    selam alejkum! I recently came across Sheik ABU MUJAHID video about Exposing Fake healers, and I am very curious about a piece of paper that my family has had on the wall for many years that looks something like the fake Ruqyah or black magic! I need an opinion but I have no idea if it is! I do not want to upset my parents, because I still live with them. I am very worried. If I can send someone a picture of how this paper looks maybe someone can get back to me if this is in fact black magic! Thank you!

  4. Sp says:

    How do I contact sheikh from India? Is there a country code? Plz help

  5. Sp says:

    He has given his phone number
    Can u send the country code ??

  6. Amina says:

    What is the country code for that number?

  7. Farzana says:

    How can I contact Sheikh Abu Mujahid. Please I am in great need of treatment. Please mention the country code of his contact number.

  8. Zunaira Asad says:

    I want to share a dream and some of my health problems, can I get Abu Mujahid’s email ID?I am from Pakistan.

  9. Ali raza says:

    I want to talk with shaikh because my mother feel like someone did black magic on her
    Contect. 0923352072415
    Please if you can call me

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