Imam Daniel Abdullah Hernandez sits down with us talk about how his relationship with basketball and NBA brought him to Islam as well some of the projects he is working on with the Latino Muslim community.

Hosts: Mahin, Ismail, and SIM


Imam Hernandez is an educational leader and facilitator of IslamInSpanish. Imam Abdullah organizes events in Spanish at the Pearland masjid in Pearland TX on a weekly basis, teaches regular classes in Spanish and English, and leads a Dawah initiatives on behalf of IslamInSpanish domestically and internationally. Imam Abdullah also presides over the Pearland Islamic Center in Pearland, Texas, an extension of the Islamic Society of Greater Houston (ISGH).

Imam Abdullah, converted to Islam in 1999, studied at Al Azhar University in Egypt from 2004-2007, completing five years’ worth of extensive coursework in Islamic Sciences. He continues his education in Islamic studies. He is currently studying at Mishkah University, Salik Acadamy, and Roots &Sprouts!


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One comment on “EP 095: The Seeds | Imam Daniel Abdullah Hernandez

  1. irshaad ali Feb 26, 2018

    Alhumdulillah his story of how his family eventually embraced Islam made me cry a bit

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