EP 061: From the Cosmos to the Quantum | Mufti Abu Layth Al Maliki


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Mahin, SIM and Sh. Amir talk to Birmingham’s finest, Mufti Abu Layth Al-Maliki.  We talk about the Mamluks, liberal interpretation of Islam and the nature of discourse with Atheism and the scientific community.


01:00 – Why the kunya ‘Abu Layth’?

02:20 – ‘Mad Mamluks’ & the Mongol history

12:50 – Muslim communities in Birmingham, UK & the U.S

29:00 – Feminism

34:10 – Islam & liberalism

50:45 – Zabiha meat in the West

56:00 – Institutionalisation of Religion & regulating the image of Islam

59:00 – Regarding ‘Monday Nights with Mufti’ on FB live & an impersonation of Mufti Abu Layth

1:04:20 – Promoting health/fitness & positive role models for Muslims

1:17:30 – Scholars, censorship & control

1:25:50 – Islam, Science & some out-dated arguments

1:30:30 – Challenges of this age- Science, Ethics & Atheism

1:49:00 – What central themes from the Quran should we promote?

1:52:30 – Quran & free will

1:56: 05 – Narratives of Islam & presenting Religion today

1:59:30 – Dealing with modern issues

2:03:30 – “Swearing” & cultural sensitivities


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4 comments on EP 061: From the Cosmos to the Quantum | Mufti Abu Layth Al Maliki

  1. Ash says:

    I am from Birmingham U.K. surprised to see him on one of your episodes. I think you should do a back ground check on individuals you invite on your show. Mufti Abu Layths real name is “Nahiem Ajmal” atleast do a quick google search.

  2. Muhammad Irfan says:

    Assalamwalikum..sorry i am posting a sort of a belated comment because i am backing up on the episodes of the past. just starting to listening you guys :)..

    Wonderful work you guys are doing

    i think that before criticizing Ustadh Hamza, Mufti Abu Layth should bring up some sort of a substitute to replace ustadh’s arguments. Mufti sahab’s criticism was not convincing at all. I sometimes thought that he also was very confused in his counter argument to ustadh hamza’s debate method. If you listen to ustadh’s debate with Prof Krauss, I think there are numerous occasions where the Professor was could not seem to bring a valid argument to ustadh’s points.

    Another point in this episode is that Mufti Abu Layth and you brothers sound like demeaning the attire that deobandi’s try to stick i.e. jubba, kurta, beard etc…i understand that you brothers dont think its necessary in the modern world (which I gently disagree also being a deobandi 🙂 ) …please note that this attire is closer to what Prophet s.a.w. used to wear..not exactly the sunnah but much closer than the shirts and trousers.,,..
    the deabandi brothers’ argument is that everything that Prophet s.a..w. did i.e. his actions directly or indirectly brings us closer to ALLAH even though Prophet didn’t explicitly order to wear clothes similar to him or have appearance similar to him…

    so while you are correct to point out that people should not ridicule those who don’t agree with the argument about this type of attire, we should be careful not to mock the argument from the other side

    Jazakallahkhair..again great work 😀

    1. Siraj says:

      Do you wear a turban or topee brother? Turban is for the dessert. Rajastani Hindus wear them also. Topee is zoroastrian sunnah.

  3. Waqas says:

    Awesome episode! I enjoyed the discussion on what constitutes a ‘liberal’ approach to Islam, as well as using balagha/Arabic as a proof of the Quran to non-Muslims.

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