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EP 008: Halal Advocates of America | Hamza Warsi


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Hamza Warsi talks about his organization, Halal Advocates of America.

The Halal Advocates are focused on balancing their advocacy between two strategic alliances, the Halal consumer and business, while also trying to help establish the necessary Halal governance practices to combat fraud and create a high-quality Halal accreditation standard in America with others.


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One comment on “EP 008: Halal Advocates of America | Hamza Warsi

  1. Syed Quadri says:

    In The Name Of Allah The most Gracious and The Most Benificent and Salawaat on His Beloved Prophet RasoolAllah Salalahu Alaihi Wasalam...
    As Salaamalaikum, Ma'shaAllah
    Ramadhan is here Alhamdilillah, As our teens and kids get restlest to go out for a bite, I wanted to bring to your attention that my son came back with a fried chicken from Browns Chicken from NW Suburbs, laid it on the table and when asked if Halal said Yes certified by YOU, and when I called the owner who said it is machine slaughtered when pfysically visited as it is next to our home. Fortunately we did not consume the food Alhamdulillah. I am a concerned Muslim and wish not to report this to any USDA authority or create any harm to anyone as every business is facing the brink of closure, I wanted to bring it to YOUR attention that please inspect the stores on a ramdom checks, Your reputation is on the line as you will be questioned too in front of Allah. Your team has done a great job but your reputation is being misused by few who are not bothered about their fellow consumers and using your pretext or are unaware about the difference Allahu Allam.
    As a Leadership stand point and been on meat board globally and with USDA's stringent bylaws about Halal has opened a window where consumer could sue the retailer/wholeseller in millions for fraud and dishonesty/ fraud.
    Wish to see a reply if any action to rectify the situation will be taken so our youth could use your site without hesitation in future in' sha Allah.
    May Allah Subhana Watala guide our ways, and accept our kafara if we consumed any thing without knowledge Ya Rab, Ameen.
    Yours Sincerely

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