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EP 014: Muslims in the West and the Ummah At Large | Burhan Hanif

Burhan Hanif is a Da'ee and Lecturer from the United Kingdom. He has lectured around the world about political and social issues surrounding the Muslim world.

EP 012: Lost Islamic History | Firas AlKhateeb

Firas Alkhateeb is a historian that specializes in Islamic History. He is also the author the book Lost Islamic History.

EP 011: The Blizzard of OZ: Living with a Disability | Omer Zaman

Brother Omer Zaman, is a volunteer for MUHSEN (Muslims Understanding and Helping Special Education Needs) and organization dedicated to help create awareness for Muslim brothers and sisters with special needs across the United States.

EP 010: My Halal Kitchen | Yvonne Maffei

My Halal Kitchen: Global Recipes, Cooking Tips, Lifestyle Inspiration (Agate) will publish July 2016 and provides recipes for making classic global cuisine halal.

EP 008: Halal Advocates of America | Hamza Warsi

Hamza Warsi talks about his organization, Halal Advocates of America.

EP 007: The Marriage of the Islamic and Secular Sciences | Dr. Kamran Riaz

The Mad Mamluks talk to Dr. Kamran Riaz about Darul Qasim Institute's effort to bring Muslim professionals towards Islamic Sciences. We also discuss some of the challenges of American Muslims today.

EP 006: Mental Wellness | Dr Fahad Khan

Dr. Fahad Khan is a psychologist with a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology and a Masters degree in Biomedical Sciences. He is also a Hafiz of the Qur’an.

EP 005: Behind the Scenes of the Halal Meat Industry | Sajid Khan and Ali Querishi

Talking about Halal Meat and Halal Money


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