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EP 063: Of Hijab, Feminism and Rape Culture | Daniel Haqiqatjou


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Mahin, SIM and Summer talk to Daniel Haqiqatjou about the Dad and Hijabi daughter viral photo, an intro to feminism, and rape culture epidemic.

Daniel Haqiqatjou was born in Houston, Texas. He attended Harvard University where he majored in Physics and minored in Philosophy. He completed a Masters degree in Philosophy at Tufts University. Haqiqatjou also studies traditional Islamic sciences part-time. He writes and lectures on contemporary issues surrounding Muslims and Modernity and is also a contributor to the Muslim Debate Initiative.


Twitter: @haqiqatjou


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One comment on “EP 063: Of Hijab, Feminism and Rape Culture | Daniel Haqiqatjou

  1. Monique says:

    As a revert in the west and a Mother, I see it as important to teach our children WHY we wear hijab. Yes, it is fard, but I try to focus on teaching her why we do the things we do as Muslim women. First and foremost is obedience, of course, but we have to do more for our youth than just say "do it".

    I live in the south, but I do not fear society as much as some are saying. I always remember Allah (subhanahu wa ta'ala) is sufficient a protector and he knows our enemies, as Quran tells us.

    Yes a part of me is concerned about the day my daughter adopts hijab full time inshallah, but I focus on making her strong enough to handle that in the west.

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