EP 042: Perennialism and Inter-Muslim Attitudes in the West | Dr. Shadee ElMasry

Mahin, SIM and Sh. Amir talk about The Study Quran book, errors of Perennialism, inter muslim attitudes in the west and muslims participating in elections.

Dr. Shadee Elmasry was born and raised in New Jersey and studied in the Muslim world in Fez, Hadramawt, Cairo, Makka, and Madina.  He completed a Masters from The George Washington University in comparative religion, then a PhD from the University of London, SOAS on “Da’wa in the Works of Imam al-Haddad.”

Dr. Shadee has his own podcast called the Safina Society Podcast.  Now available on iTunes.




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Solid interview!
Jazakallahu khair
Keep up the good work

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