EP 073: Poison was the Cure: CVE and PREVENT | Ahmed Shaikh


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Mahin, SIM and Mort talk to Ahmed Shaikh about the CVE and PREVENT government programs that are being instated in the western world.

Ahmed Shaikh is an Estate Lawyer, ISNA Board Member and a writer for MuslimMatters.


Twitter: @bornshaikh


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One comment on “EP 073: Poison was the Cure: CVE and PREVENT | Ahmed Shaikh

  1. Great podcast barek Allah feekoum. Please keep Ahmad Shaikh’s VERY ACCURATE explanation of the CVE scam. Also before you invite former Islamic terror prisoners on your podcast make sure they did 85% of their federal sentence & contact their co-defendant’s families to see if they assisted the prosecution against them. Even if they served 14 or 15 years in prison.

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