SIM on The Muslim Skeptic Show with Daniel Haqiqatjou


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One comment on “SIM on The Muslim Skeptic Show with Daniel Haqiqatjou

  1. Ayatullah Muhammad says:

    Side comment(first 10 minutes): Just to give SIM credit for his work, not sure why anyone would take shots at your voice and having an Alpha team around you. You were personally my favorite from the earliest days because there was a guy who sat down and took the right jabs/questions at the guests after Mahin and Amr were done setting the template. Little did we know that was a sign he was the Boss behind the whole venture.
    Dr Jackson would tell us that the lesson of the Seerah require us knowing that “everyone has a role to play” (whether its the strategy at Badr or that of Khandaq) and he as a leader couldn’t be everything about it. A collection of individuals makes a team and a community(no matter how you train yourself to be a better individual, though it helps to spice it up).

    Kudos to you boss. Following your steps, on my 2nd testimonial(episode) iA.

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