EP 069: The First American Jihadi | Ismail Royer


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Fresh out of a 14-year prison stint, Ismail Royer reveals everything that happened from his endeavors in the Bosnian war, Pakistani training camps, incarcerated life, the Anwar Al-Awlaki Saga, how he spends his days now fighting extremism/terrorism.

Hosts: SIM and Mahin

Website: https://agoodtree.net/

Twitter: @_IsmailRoyer


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5 comments on EP 069: The First American Jihadi | Ismail Royer

  1. Fatima says:

    I love your podcast. The discussions are always elevated and I appreciate being challenged. However the last podcast was mediocre. I was expecting Royer to discuss his own experiences. Instead he speculated about other people. This reminded me of madkhali circles in which they backbite people under the pretext of “refutation”. We have to be fair and honest even when speaking about people we don’t like. I felt you could have posed challenging and critical questions to your guest and maybe moved the discussion along.

    1. Amir Budhwani says:

      Thank you for your feedback! Could you give us an example of some questions we could have asked him?

      1. Fatima says:

        Thank you for your response. I would have asked him whether he believes that people should only assist or involve themselves in causes which directly effect them. His sacrifices for the Bosnian cause is something which most muslims would applaud. Yet how can we do that when he himself is ashamed of it, regrets it and would discourage others to do the same. He can’t have it both way. Another question would be, how much insight can he really give us regarding the “jihadi” world specially since he only had a brush with it. The situation in Syria has forced many to have a more nuance discussion around jihad and “jihadis”. To say that all groups in Syria are crazy and misguided is unfair. Specially to those that are the legitimate representation of the opposition. He said that he rejects Bush Jr’s dichotomy yet he draws a false dichotomy himself.

  2. Ayatullah Muhammad says:

    Best Podcast ever.

  3. Ash says:

    Good talk…would have been alot better If the presenters did not keep going of on randoms tangent was really frustrating. It felt Like watching a Documentary with an advert break every 2 minutes. Would also better if the presenters had researched the Bosnia conflict before hand, Communists rule in Bosnia prior to the conflict. Who the Foreign Mujahideen in Bosnia were and no they were not Khwarij . Overall the podcasts are great but found the random interjections by the presenters in this one, and the one concerning “Dream For Detroit” Very frustrating.

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